August 8, 2022

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4 Benefits of Pandan Leaves for Human Health, One of them Overcoming Rheumatism

Who does not know pandan leaves or known by the Latin name Pandanus Amaryllifolius.

Generally, pandan leaves are tropical plants that have a distinctive aroma where these green leaves have a blend of vanilla and almond aromas that are suitable for cooking.

Then pandan leaves usually grow in Southeast Asian and South Asian countries and some also exist in European and American countries.

In this country, pandan leaves are used as a flavor enhancer for dishes or desserts.

Apparently quite a lot of research that states that pandan leaves have many benefits for health and one of them is traditional medicine.

Launching from, The following are the benefits of pandan leaves for human health that you need to know.

1. Can lower high blood pressure

Do you often feel headaches and fatigue can be a sign of increased blood pressure.

If left unchecked, high blood pressure or hypertension can cause heart disease or stroke.

Boiled pandan leaves can be used as medicine to lower blood pressure. How to boil pandan leaves as much as 10 grams with two glasses of water.

Then, drink this pandan leaf boiled water twice a day to help maintain blood pressure balance.

2. Overcoming rheumatism

Pandan leaves also have properties to treat rheumatism and this disease has symptoms that people often complain about, namely joint pain that makes it difficult to move.

You can prepare three pandan leaves and put them in the coconut oil stew. After it cools down, apply it on the painful joints.

3. Can increase appetite

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If the body is not feeling well, this can reduce appetite. To restore your appetite, you can consume this pandan leaf boiled water.

We recommend drinking pandan leaf boiled water twice a day so that your appetite and body fitness are maintained.

4. Overcoming pain

In addition to some of the benefits of pandan leaves above, it turns out that this leaf can be used to treat pain such as headaches, earaches, or arthritis.

In a study, pandan leaves were used in Ayurvedic medicine where this method was added by adding pandan leaves to coconut oil as a topical oil.

Possibly, the oil from pandan leaves has an anti-inflammatory effect so it can help relieve pain or arthritis.

Although there needs to be further research related to the benefits of pandan leaves to treat pain in humans.

Thus was the four benefits of pandan leaves for human health. May be useful.