December 6, 2022

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4 Benefits of Pandan Leaves for Body Health and Hair Beauty

Pandan trees are monocotyledonous plants that are easy to grow anywhere. This plant is found in Southeast Asia. Usually grows on the edges of ditches and damp places. Pandan leaves are shaped like elongated sword blades. Generally, pandan leaves are used as food coloring and fragrance, such as compote and green bean porridge. And often also used for traditional events such as births and deaths.

Apparently, pandan leaves are not only useful for food coloring and fragrance, and are used in birth and death events, but because the chemical content in pandan leaves is also beneficial for health. The chemical content contained in pandan leaves is in the form of polyphenols, alkaloids, tannins, saponins, and flavoida.

Here are four benefits of pandan leaves for body health and the beauty of head hair, based on the writings of S. Wibowo in Magic Herbs.

1. Treating rheumatic diseases and aches and pains

The way to treat rheumatic diseases and aches and pains using pandan leaves is to brew three pandan leaves using half a glass of heated coconut oil. Stir until smooth, then apply the oil to the affected body part.

2. Treating restlessness

Anxiety is very disturbing the peace of life, not even infrequently, because anxiety is overwritten, a person does not want to eat and cannot sleep. The tannins contained in pandan leaves have a calming effect. The trick is to brew enough pandan leaves with boiling water, then drink it two to three times a day.

3. Treating nervous weakness

Weak nerves can be treated with pandan leaves. The trick, boil three pandan leaves using five cups of water until it boils and the remaining up to the size of three cups. Then, strain the stew to drink twice a day, in the morning and evening, one cup each.

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4. Blacken hair

Pandan leaves can be used to blacken hair. The trick is to boil seven pandan leaves using one liter of water until the color of the water turns green. Then, cool and leave in the open air for one night. After that, mix the water with the juice of the noni fruit and use it for shampooing three times a week.

These are the four benefits of pandan leaves for body health and the beauty of head hair. May be useful.