August 18, 2022

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4 Benefits of Making a Bullet Journal for Students, Have you tried it yet?

Bujo or Bullet Journal is no longer a stranger in the present. Bullet journal is a record containing daily activities with the aim of carrying out coordinated activities. Bujo it usually contains to do list, movie list, mood tracker, goals, and other interesting things

Even though it has reached an all-digital age, it turns out that there are still many people who use it bullet journal this, you know. Bujo This is still an alternative for managing time for some of the general public, including students who take advantage of the internet bullet journal to organize their daily activities. What are the benefits? Here he is the benefits of making a bullet journal for students.

1. Activities Become Coordinated and According to the Initial Plan.

According to the general function, bujo This is a savior for those of us who find it difficult to coordinate time and activities. Students generally find it difficult to manage their time because there are so many activities to go through, with bujo With this, we can carry out activities according to a neatly structured plan from the start. It can also maintain productivity for students.

2. Channeling the Hobby of Writing with a More Creative Container.

It is undeniable, there are still many young people who have hobbies journaling. Bujo This can be called acculturation between planning notes and diary, the activities to be carried out are usually written in the form of planner decorated with various sticky notes or special funny stickers and pictures diary.

3. Learn to Manage Time.

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As is bullet journal students can manage their time more effectively. Students also understand the importance of effectiveness and time efficiency so that bujo This is useful in daily activities.

4. Make Life More Organized.

With a schedule that has been arranged neatly, we have a responsibility to fulfill it. The to-do list also helps our lives to be more organized so that no time is wasted for free.

That’s the 4 benefits of making bullet journaling for students. Bullet journal it can be started simple even with a regular notebook though. So how? Want to try making it?