September 27, 2022

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4 Benefits of Chewing Gum That You Must Try

Consuming chewing gum is believed to have various health benefits, but not all types of chewing gum are good for health. Of course, chewing gum that does not contain sugar in it is good for health. A chewing gum can be declared free of sugar content, if it contains less than 0.5 grams of sugar content.

Chewing gum was designed not to be swallowed but to be chewed. Chewing gum that is free of sugar has several benefits, as adapted from the Alodokter page, here are four benefits of chewing gum:

1. Reduce stress

There is a study which states that chewing gum can help to control stress. A person will be able to focus or concentrate and will be relaxed and calm when feeling anxious or stressed, such as when facing an exam. Chewing gum can help reduce stress hormones in the body.

2. Tighten facial muscles

Chewing gum is also believed to help tighten the muscles in the facial area. However, just chewing gum does not automatically make your cheeks thinner, this is due to the influence of hormonal factors, such as genetic hormones and weight.

3. Help maintain healthy teeth and mouth

Candy that does not contain sugar in it also has benefits for maintaining oral and dental health. A study states that someone who chews sugar-free gum on a regular basis, will have a lower risk of developing cavities.

4. Help lose weight

Chewing gum can also help to suppress hunger and control appetite, and also helps to reduce cravings or overeating. So the benefits of chewing gum on this one help to control and also lose weight. However, you can’t rely on chewing gum if you want to get to your ideal weight. You also need regular exercise, maintain a healthy diet, and drink enough water.

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Well, those are the four benefits that you can get by chewing gum, hopefully it will be useful.