August 18, 2022

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4 Bad Effects That Will Happen When You Want To Be Someone Else

It’s okay to like other people, as long as you don’t overdo it. Because if you are too much, then what happens you will become someone else. This of course will make you feel the impact that is not good and can harm yourself. Here are 4 bad effects that will happen when you want to be someone else.

1. Being Embarrassed

The first bad effect that will occur is to be embarrassed. Because, when other people know the real you, of course you will feel ashamed. Because, all this time you have not been yourself. Therefore, to avoid these impacts. What you can do is just be yourself. That way, you will never feel worried and can always appear as it is.

2. Always Feeling Confused

Of course, other people have a different character and way of looking from you. That way, when you want to be someone else, of course you will always feel confused. Because, you always demand that you have to adopt a lifestyle like other people, which has not become your habit. So that you don’t always feel confused and enjoy your daily life more, then you have to keep being yourself.

3. Feeling Heartache

When you want to be someone else, of course you want to invite the attention of many people around you. However, if your expectations do not go according to plan. Then, the bad thing that will happen is that you will feel hurt. For that, so that you don’t feel hurt. It’s better for you to keep being yourself, without having to cover yourself up by being someone else.

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4. Identity Will Disappear

The more you want to be someone else, the more you will lose your identity. Because, you have sacrificed yourself just to be like other people, which is not necessarily as good as you. Therefore, so that the character and identity that you have had so far is not lost. You have to be yourself by staying confident in whatever you do.

Those are four bad effects that will happen when you want to be someone else. Therefore, never ever want to be someone else. Because it will have a bad effect on you.