May 30, 2023

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4 Bad Effects of Morning Sleep for Health, Can Trigger Depression!

Getting enough sleep every day is important for the body to stay healthy and fit. Bagadang or night shift work is one of the reasons a person does not get enough rest at night. So do not be surprised if they will replace their bedtime in the morning. Even if it becomes a habit, sleeping in the morning can cause health problems that are not small.

According to, there are several health problems that arise due to the habit of sleeping in the morning. Sleeping in the morning not only causes fatigue and headaches but can also lead to serious illnesses such as anemia and obesity. The following are the bad effects caused by the habit of sleeping in the morning.

1. Disturbing the Body’s Metabolism

One of the bad effects of sleeping in the morning is disrupting the body’s metabolic system. Morning is the right time for the body to get nutrients like breakfast. Doing activities in the morning will be beneficial for maintaining metabolism in the body. If the metabolism is disturbed, the body will be susceptible to dangerous diseases such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

2. Cause Anemia

Sleeping in the morning will not make the body fresh again. Precisely these bad habits can cause the body to become weak and lethargic. People who are used to sleeping in the morning will be prone to anemia. This is because sleeping in the morning can interfere with the work of the brain and metabolic system.

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3. Triggers Depression

Lack of sleep at night causes a person to experience disturbances mood which results in depression. Sleep time at night actually can not be replaced by sleeping in the morning. A chaotic sleep schedule will actually cause various mental problems such as unstable mood and depression.

4. Headaches

Someone who is sleep deprived or sleeps too long will usually be prone to feeling headaches. This can also happen when sleeping in the morning. The reason is, the morning is not the right time for the body to rest.

Sleeping in the morning can cause brain performance to decrease. Headaches are a reaction caused by the tissues in the brain not sleeping at the right time. Even though you stay up late, try not to sleep in the morning.

Those are the 4 bad effects of sleeping in the morning. To avoid the bad effects caused, preferably in the morning is used to do useful activities such as sports.

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