August 14, 2022

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4 Activities You Can Do to Enjoy the Rain

The rain that fell made the atmosphere very calm and peaceful. Rain can also bring up a lot of memories in the past that make us able to reminisce. Many people like rain because of the cool and serene atmosphere it brings.

When it rains, of course you can’t do many activities outside the house. Of course you will choose to sleep or watch television at home and spend a rainy day. When in fact there are many things you can do to enjoy the presence of rain even though you are at home.

Here the author has summarized 4 activities you can do to enjoy the rain!

1. Hot Drinks

The rain will certainly make the temperature cooler than usual. You can overcome the cold by drinking warm drinks in front of the window while watching the raindrops fall. Also prepare snacks because cold will make you feel hungry easily. Also play mellow songs if you want a serene atmosphere.

2. Reading Books

Reading books is a normal thing. But the sensation will be different when you read a book in the rain while listening to the sound of the dripping. Reading a book when it is raining will also increase your focus on the contents of the book because there will be no loud noises when it rains except for the sound of the drizzle.

3. Listening to the Sound of Raindrops

If you are reluctant to do anything when it rains, then you can enjoy it just by focusing on listening to the raindrops. If your window is facing out, then you can just sit in front of it while staring at the water falling from the sky and hearing the soothing sound of its drops.

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4. Making Poetry

Rain often makes the atmosphere serene and mellow. This kind of atmosphere is perfect for those of you who like writing and poetry. There will be a lot of inspiration when it rains. Try not to focus on your gadget during times like this so your inspiration can run wild in your head.

Has the rainy season arrived in your area? So don’t forget to try some of the activities that the author suggested above. Good luck!