August 14, 2022

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4 Activities to Improve Self Validation, Let’s Apply!

There are several activities that can be our choice when we have free time. Instead of not knowing what to do, we can do the following activities. Moreover, the following activities can also help us to know and appreciate ourselves better.

This self-oriented activity is an activity that can improve self-validation. Self validation is one of the things we need to apply so that we can appreciate and love ourselves.

The following are some reference activities that you can do to improve self validation or self-acceptance. Let’s listen to the end.

1. Expressing thoughts and feelings through journaling

One of the simplest activities but can increase self validation is a journaling activity. We can put our feelings and thoughts on paper freely. No one forbids us to write what and how, it all depends on our wishes.

Journaling can also help us to be more honest with ourselves. Sometimes, we keep our feelings to ourselves. Journaling is one of the right media to channel these pent-up feelings.

2. Rest when tired

We are all humans, not robots who can’t get tired. In fact, even robots need to be disabled so they don’t overworking, let alone us. Don’t push yourself to cross the line because the one who will feel the impact is yourself.

When we feel tired, rest. What we are working on and pursuing will not go anywhere as long as we rest. How can we accept and love ourselves when we cannot fulfill basic needs such as rest.

3. Write down the success achieved

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When we feel our life is too monotonous and left behind from other people, try to take paper and pen now, then write down what things we have achieved during our life. There must be at least one, right? As simple as succeeding in making other people smile and thank you is also success.

So, writing down the successes that we have achieved can also be one of the activities that can improve self validation. After seeing the list of successes, we will be triggered to do various other successes.

4. Give yourself a gift

Self reward is one of the important aspects that we can give to ourselves as a form of appreciation and love for ourselves. Choose self reward that are positive and don’t make you even more left behind.

Self reward there is also a limit. Don’t let us fall asleep and forget to try again on the pretext of giving self reward to yourself. The key is to give clear boundaries and do not drag on.

Those are four reference activities that you can do to improve self validation or self-acceptance. Which activity are you interested in doing first?