May 30, 2023

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3 Ways to Prevent Social Media from Ruining Your Relationship

Not a few couples who appear happy in cyberspace, but it turns out that after the separation, many ‘ulcers’ are discovered. This proves that what appears on social media does not necessarily reflect the truth.

Not a few couples who are so addicted to social media that they actually make love relationships so tenuous. So, so that this doesn’t happen, here are some ways to prevent social media from damaging romantic relationships. Let’s see!

1. Don’t let other people dictate your life

Having a social media account sometimes makes it seem as if you have an obligation to upload something. Especially if the people around you know that you already have a partner. There is a feeling of worry that your relationship will be said to be problematic if you don’t upload intimate portraits often.

If you do that, it’s the same as letting other people dictate your life, you know. Don’t forget, yes, that everyone has the freedom to do whatever they want as long as they are responsible.

That means, want you post or not, that’s your right. So, avoid feeling burdened to always updates to your personal life, including your love life, yes.

2. Focus on the real world

The next step to prevent social media from ruining your love life, is to just focus on the real world. It’s easy to lie in cyberspace, but not so in the real world. Your love life is okay or not, you and your partner know and feel.

Therefore, if you are with your partner, just focus on the activities of the two of you. Don’t be too bothered with photos here and there for the sake of uploading later. It can even reduce the quality of your togetherness, you know.

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3. Avoid uploading habits real-time

Just let it be, if other people have hobbies, always update stories that report their activities right away. You don’t need to follow trends that are actually less useful.

Just enjoy your time with your partner. It’s okay, the occasional photo to capture the moment together. However, it should not become a necessity, especially for the sake of uploading real-time all. It destroys intimacy!

Hopefully this description can prevent your love relationship from being damaged due to social media. Use social media wisely, yes!