August 18, 2022

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3 Ways to Make Money from Blogs, Interested in Trying It?

One of the hobbies that can bring in money is the hobby of writing. Everyone must be able to write or in other words type a word until it is strung together into complete sentences. Writing can be done anywhere and anytime, especially in today’s modern era, from mobile phones we can write too.

Becoming a hobby of writing as an additional source of income is also very possible and easy to do. The thing that needs to be prepared is intention, consistency, and supporting devices such as cellphones or laptops. One of the things you can channel for your writing hobby is through blog or become a bloggers.

Based on the book entitled 50 Earning Hobbies published by BIP Gramedia, here are some ways you can make money through blogs. Come on, watch to the end.

1. Promote the product

If you are interested in the world of beauty, you can create a blog that specifically discusses various tips and tricks related to beauty. You can also volunteer to promote certain products according to the field you choose, for example products skincare or cosmetics.

There are many names for this kind of promotional service, such as endorsers, reviewers, or influencers. There are many specific brands or companies that are looking for this type of promotional service to write reviews and articles about the products they offer.

2. Google Adsense

Bloggers or blogger usually many offer to become Google’s advertising partners. The steps that need to be taken to become a Google advertising partner are also not too difficult or complicated, as long as we are diligent in uploading content on our blog. The nominal we get from Google adsense usually varies depending on the targeted country.

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3. Open an online course

Especially for those of you who have expertise and knowledge in certain fields, you can open online courses that offer expertise according to the field you are good at. For example, you can make learning videos or problem solving, so participants simply watch the videos you have made.

Those are three ways you can make money through blogging. There are still lots of other ways that you can apply to make money from your hobby of writing, for example being a novelist, writer, editor, and so on. So, don’t underestimate your writing skills, continue to hone your skills so that they are more developed and professional.