August 14, 2022

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3 Ways to Maintain Sibling Relations Between Siblings

Brothers and sisters should love each other. However, growing up together in the same environment, and being born to the same parents does not necessarily make the relationship between siblings easy to maintain.

Not infrequently there are disputes, prejudice, competition and so on. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to make efforts, especially from ourselves first to be able to maintain brotherly relations between brothers and sisters, some of which are:

1. Be a substitute parent for each other

We should love our brothers and sisters as parents love us and our brothers or sisters as their children. Although it may not be exactly the same, if as brothers, we can nurture like a father or as a sister, we can give love like a mother, then the brotherly relationship between brothers and sisters will be maintained.

Also, one day our parents will leave us and our brothers and sisters. Who else will take care of us and our brothers if not each other?

2. Understanding each other

Understanding each other is not an easy thing, including in the relationship between brothers and sisters. We cannot demand that our sister always obey us as her brother, nor can we demand that an older brother always succumb to us as his sister. So, understanding each other is one of the keys to maintaining a sibling relationship.

3. Don’t easily believe what other people say

There are times when neighbors or other people talk bad about our brother directly. If this happens, we should not immediately believe it. Also, don’t let us go along with talking about our brother’s badness. Because, we never know what other people mean by saying that.

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It could be someone wants to pit us against our brother or sister, because he has felt hurt, or there could be other reasons.

Like us, our brothers and sisters too must have flaws. This is what we must deal with wisely. Don’t let it be something that destroys brotherly relations.

There are three ways to maintain brotherly relations between brothers and sisters. Hopefully it will be useful and will strengthen your relationship with your brothers and sisters, yes!