September 27, 2022

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3 Tips to Stop Too Much Prestige, Live Debt Free!

One of the things that makes a person’s life so complicated, is debt. One of the causes of debt piling up, due to too much emphasis on prestige. Mediocre income but forcing yourself socialite style. At the end, dig a hole to cover the hole.

So, so that you can have a debt-free life, the following will discuss tips to stop being too concerned with prestige. Read on, come on!

1. Prioritize function

From now on try to buy something based on function, not prestige. Focusing on function can give you much cheaper but quality goods, you know. Because what is sought for its use is not its prestige.

For example, instead of buying a bag of tens of millions of rupiah just because the item is famous, and if it is used it can increase prestige, it’s better to look for a top quality bag made locally. Not only can you boost the domestic economy, you can also get durable goods at a much cheaper price, you know. So, you can buy cash without having to take installments.

2. Accept yourself as you are

Yes, buying the things you want can indeed take shape self-love, namely the way you reward your hard work by buying expensive things. Even so, that doesn’t mean self-reward done without calculation.

If you have to owe everything to fulfill your desire to be popular because you have used expensive things, that’s not it self-love, even self-harm.

Try to accept yourself as you are. If you can’t afford to buy things branded, be grateful that you can buy now with cash. While continuing to strive to increase your income even more so that in the future you can buy the expensive things you want without having to go into debt.

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3. Focus on your own development

This step is important so that you don’t continue to follow prestige. Don’t compare yourself to others, and just focus on developing yourself.

Everyone has start different for success. Your friend is now able to live a luxurious lifestyle, maybe he has ‘paid the price’ first. While you are still relaxing, he uses his free time to build assets. So, don’t be surprised if now he can enjoy the results.

Hopefully with these tips, you can become an independent person, okay? Don’t get into debt!