August 8, 2022

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3 Tips to Stop Being a Complainer, Live a Happier Life!

Quoted from the page Cleveland Clinic, according to psychologist Scott Bea, PsyD., our brains have a tendency to think negatively. When this tendency becomes a habit, it can make you see the world as an unpleasant place. This is the cause of your view of the world so bad.

Therefore, you should stop the habit of complaining because it will only make your life unhappy. For this reason, here are some tips on how to stop being a complainer. Let’s see together, come on!

1. Consider whether the thing you are complaining about is an important issue or not

When you want to complain, try to stop for a moment and think. The problem you want to complain about is actually important or not. By pausing for a moment you can be more aware of the way you think, so it will be easy to shift negative thoughts to positive ones.

If the problem you are experiencing is not really that important, and can actually be solved immediately, then there is no need to complain. Just take action to solve it. OK, right?

2. Dig deeper

The next step, try to dig deeper yourself. Pay attention to what your complaints have been about. From there, you can find the real root of the problem. If the root of the problem has been found, a permanent solution can be found so that in the future you will no longer complain about the same problem.

For example, you always complain about the increase in the price of goods. Come to think of it, this happens every year. From here you become aware that there are things that must be changed if this condition does not want to be experienced continuously. For example, start looking for additional income. Or it could also re-evaluate how the expenditures have been so far, whether there are wasteful or not.

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3. Use the bracelet

You can also use a bracelet on one wrist. Each time you complain, move the bracelet to the other wrist. Your goal for the next 30 days, is to make sure every day the bracelet stays on the same wrist. That means, you managed not to complain.

Why does it have to be 30 days? To build a new habit is not easy, including eliminating the habit of complaining. If you consistently do it for a month, then you won’t complain habit new to you.

It’s normal to complain sometimes. However, don’t be a complainer, okay? Bad habits that only get in the way of being happy!