July 2, 2022


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3 Tips to Prevent Insecurity due to Social Media Exposure, Avoid Envy!

The presence of social media does provide many benefits. Among them can be used as a reliable marketing medium to boost sales of products and services.

Even so, social media also has many negative impacts. One of them is related to mental health. Widely used as a show off, making social media connoisseurs often experience insecurity or low self-esteem due to comparing their lives with others as seen on social media. Then, how to prevent insecurity result of exposure to social media?

Quoted from the page InspiringTips, Here are 3 tips that you can try. Let’s see!

1. Recognize the reason why you feel insecure

Try to analyze why after seeing someone’s upload, a feeling of inferiority arises in you. For example, if you see a friend who has just bought a house, you are confused.

Why get upset? Is it because owning your own home has also been your dream? If so, why hasn’t that dream come true?

It could be that you have greater responsibilities, so that your salary is not only for your own needs, but also for your parents and siblings. From here it can be seen that your condition with that friend was different.

Therefore, don’t be too hard on yourself by comparing, okay? Everyone has a different storyline.

2. Remember your life goal

Seeing people’s lives on social media too often can be caused by forgetting the life goals that have been set. That’s why one powerful way to live a focused and productive life is to write goals every day. That way, you will remember what must be done to achieve it.

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If this has been done, the frequency of accessing social media will decrease, because they are too busy with various tasks that must be done. Your mental condition will also be more awake due to not comparing because you are looking at people’s galleries too often.

3. Don’t be jealous, make it motivation

Avoid being jealous of other people’s accomplishments. This envious nature will usually lead to envy, which is happy to see other people struggling, and hard to see others.

Instead, look at the achievements of those close to you as motivation. If they can’t live a comfortable life right now, you can too. Of course, in their own way.

Those are some tips so you can avoid feeling insecurity due to social media exposure. Hope that helps, ok?