August 14, 2022

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3 Tips to Prevent Cheating with Female Friends in the Office, Remember Children!

One of the greatest marriage tests for a husband, is the temptation of infidelity. This infidelity loophole generally occurs in a workplace where you and your female co-workers can hang out freely, and not infrequently it gives rise to the seeds of forbidden love.

So that you don’t give in to the temptation of cheating with a female friend at work, here are 3 tips. Let’s see together.

1. Strengthen marriage commitment

There are many couples who get married, but do not respect the sacredness of the sacred vows of marriage. The first step that must be taken so that you can resist the temptation of cheating, is to take the marriage bond seriously as a commitment that must be kept.

If this awareness is present, whatever problems occur between you and your wife do not make justification for betraying her.

2. Cultivate awareness that marriage makes you no longer the same as being single

Not a few husbands are still stuck in single status, namely by having expectations that their lifestyle can still be like before. This wrong perspective is often a source of problems.

For example, you may feel burdened by marriage because you can’t be as free as before. In fact, one of the consequences of marriage, yes, it is like that. There is a responsibility as a husband, or father if you already have a baby, which then demands time and energy. Although you can still do other activities, for example for hobbies or friends, you can’t do as much as when you were alone.

3. Remember kids

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One of the most effective things to prevent you from having an affair is remembering your child. You will be a bad example for your son if you cheat and hurt his mother. It is not impossible that in the future he will follow in the same footsteps because he imitates his father’s unfaithful behavior.

If he is a girl, just imagine if your favorite baby is treated the same by the man he loves. She was hurt by her husband through cheating. Will you as a father not be cut his heart?

Hopefully, the description above can be food for reflection so you don’t have to go through all kinds of marriage. If it is no longer suitable with your partner because there are too many problems, then just divorce. Infidelity is tantamount to stabbing a wife in the back, and that is not commendable!