August 14, 2022

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3 Tips to Lower Expectations, Prevent Disappointment Too Deep!

It’s perfectly natural to have expectations. The problem is when the expectations that are made are too high or unreasonable so that it is difficult to achieve. This often makes you disappointed and frustrated because the expectations you have do not match reality.

Quoted from the page Minimalism Made Simple, There are some tips so you can lower your expectations, so you can avoid deep disappointment. The following will be explained further. Keep on reading, okay?

1. Realize that no person or situation is perfect

One of the reasons you are easily disappointed is hoping that someone or a situation can be perfect and in accordance with what you want. Unfortunately, life is not like that.

You have to be aware that no one person or condition can always go the way you want. When this is ingrained, then you will no longer have too high expectations, and that can prevent easily disappointed. You will more easily accept situations that are not as you wish with grace.

2. Avoid associating self-worth with external factors

You just exist, it’s already shown that you are valuable, you know. So, avoid associating self-worth with external factors. For example, you will feel valuable if you have a high position.

This is often the cause of setting too many expectations. There is a personal desire that your value can be boosted by achieving what you want.

In fact, a person’s value is not seen from how much wealth he has, how handsome or beautiful he looks. Without all that, every human being is valuable, really.

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3. Let go of the desire to always control

Another reason why you are easily disappointed due to high expectations, is the desire to control all situations. Unfortunately, you can’t control how other people behave or the environment so that it always goes according to your wishes.

If you manage to let go of the desire to always be in control, your expectations will make more sense. You realize that not everything goes the way you planned or imagined.

Please try the steps above so you can set more reasonable expectations. Thus, not to be disappointed too deeply.