August 8, 2022

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3 Tips to Keep Writing Fun, Don’t Make Too Many Targets

One of my favorite hobbies today is writing. Whether it’s writing a story, content writer, or other writing-related work. Just like other hobbies, sometimes we must have felt bored when writing, especially if it was done every day without a break.

Writing is always related to imagination and creativity. Sources or inspiration in writing can also come from various things, ranging from the surrounding environment to tourist attractions that we have just visited. So that our writing hobby still feels exciting and fun to do, you can apply the following simple tips.

1. Write something you like

Doing things that we love will certainly make us happy and happy, so does writing. If you like to write about how you are feeling, then write about it. If you focus your writing on what you love, you’ll be happy to do so.

Thus, you will not feel pressured, burdened, tired, and so on. You actually enjoy every step of the process. The same goes for writing stories. When you write a story you love, you won’t even realize you’ve written so much.

2. Just write what comes to your mind

Before becoming a professional writer, there is nothing wrong if you write down what you are feeling or what comes to your mind. Don’t pay attention to the various rules of good writing and various other rules. Basically, write down what comes to your mind.

When it’s finished, then you can reread it and learn to self-correct your writing. If you correct while writing, you will continue to focus on mistakes and eventually you will feel that your writing will not be finished.

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3. Don’t overload yourself or cross the line

No matter how we like something, there must be a certain time limit that allows us to enjoy it. Likewise with writing. Don’t make targets that are too big or exceed your own limits, because you might end up getting bored and not interested in writing anymore.

Make a rational target, adjust it to the abilities and time you have. An activity will feel fun if we live it with principles let it flow. In other words, we will feel happy to do something if under the pressure of a certain target.

Those are three tips that you can apply to keep your writing hobby fun and exciting to do. The key is to know your own limits and abilities. Don’t burden yourself with unreasonable targets. Enjoy every process.