August 8, 2022

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3 Tips to Form a Good Habit, Let’s Apply it!

Forming a good habit is not an easy thing to do. Although it seems very easy and trivial, but when we start to do it, it feels difficult. But don’t worry, below are 3 ways to make good habits that you can try.

1. Practice it

The first thing to do is to practice these activities regularly. Give it a regular schedule to do it. It is intended that we also get used to doing these activities. A simple example of learning. If you need 4 hours of study per day, then do it every day for 4 hours. If this can be done for a month, of course, it can be the first step to forming good habits. Don’t be easily tempted or lazy.

2. Doing it over and over

His name is a habit, of course, we have done it often and regularly. So, if you want to form good habits, do it over and over again. Don’t give up easily along the way. If you really have trouble doing it, remember that this habit is important for you to do and you will lose if you don’t do it. You have to force yourself to do good habits. Don’t get into the habit of assuming that if you don’t do it it doesn’t matter. Give yourself a small punishment if you can’t do this habit. A simple example of no snacks one day.

3. It takes patience

Sometimes it can be really boring doing the same thing over and over again. But it is so if we want to form a habit. You have to be patient and don’t get bored doing it. You need to know that usually success comes from boring things we do, of course a good thing. So, consistency is also very important in forming a habit. Only great people can do it.

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If the habit has been formed, it must feel very relieved and there is no burden to do it. To achieve this, initially we must be able to fight boredom and laziness. You have to win against it. Just believe that your good habits will grow great things.