December 6, 2022

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3 Tips to Fix Bad Mood

In living life, of course, many unexpected things happen to us, sometimes there are bad things and good things that can affect us mood ourselves. Moment Mood When we are down we will feel a decrease in the enthusiasm to do something, as a result the activities we do will be less than optimal. It will also affect our health.

have mood good things make us fit and healthy. there are many things we can do when we are at the point of tiredness and feeling bad moodyou can do several things to make your mood change for the better and feel a cool mood.

Here are 3 fixing tips mood you are a mess:

1. Eating Dark Chocolate

Eating chocolate is certainly loved by many people, its sweet taste can provide an increase in mood because it can increase hormones and reduce stress.

This is due to the decrease in the hormone cortisol which causes the body to be stressed, the benefits of eating other chocolates can stimulate our brains to release the hormones serotonin and endorphins that can change our mood to be happy.

Dark chocolate itself has a quite different aroma and taste when compared to milk chocolate. Usually adults prefer dark chocolate, the content in dark chocolate itself has higher flavonoids and lower sugar content, besides that because 70% is made from cocoa.

However, you still have to limit excessive chocolate consumption, because chocolate also has a high calorie content so it is not recommended for excessive consumption.

2. Coloring Coloring Book or Painting

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Recent years Adult Coloring Book has been a very trend in society, not only that this trend is also starting to develop. Now there are also several painting packages that are complete with Canvas who already have a picture and 1 set of painting.

According to clinical psychologist Ben Michaelis, coloring is a relaxing stress-free activity amygdala which responds more lightly to stress, centers fear in the brain and makes the mind take a break.

When we color Coloring Book or Painting, we will become more relax and keeps us focused. We are also free to give whatever color we like, it makes us more creative which is beneficial for the motor and visual abilities that will be described, it is able to make your imagination come out and make your life not feel monotonous.

3. Take a walk

If you feel bored or tired because of the activities you are doing, whether it’s work or schoolwork or college, you can take a minute to take a walk, this is also to make yourself more relaxed and look at the environment and breathe fresh air. If you go to the beach area or just see the fountain, you will feel a calm atmosphere when you see the flowing water.

If you feel very empty when traveling alone, invite your best friend to go with you. having friends to tell stories is also very helpful in freeing us from stress and mood unstable, you guys can support each other and have fun swimming together.