September 27, 2022

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3 Tips to Be More Confident, Trainable!

Many people advise to be confident when we start something big. Something we fear because we have never done it before. However, this confidence is also not easy. Confidence is when we feel worthy and can be ourselves. Then is there a way to be confident in doing something? The answer is yes, let’s look at the review below, which is compiled from the TED-Ed YouTube channel.

1. Imagine success

This method does not invite us to hallucinate. Rather try to describe success when embarking on a difficult task. Imagine with us the confidence that we have what kind of success we will get. In this way we can have greater motivation and higher self-confidence to take steps to achieve what we want.

2. Believe in ability

Have you believed in your own abilities? If you haven’t, don’t be surprised if you still have difficulty believing in yourself. Try to believe that each skill or ability can be developed. A simple example, the physical that we have is already like that. For example, if someone is born with black hair, then yes, it is black.

Distinguish with the ability or skill that we have. For example, our body is weak but we can change muscle strength with exercise. So it is with confidence. It is an ability that we must develop. By believing in the abilities we have, over time self-confidence will also grow in us.

3. Love failure

The next step to becoming confident is to love failure. If we fail in a process, don’t be afraid to try. Just look at JK Rowling with her Harry Potter novels. At first he failed but he kept trying until finally succeeded as it is now. With failure we will learn many strategies to achieve greater success. Through it also self-confidence will grow over time.

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That’s, the way you can do to grow self-confidence. So whatever the results are, at least we will get valuable knowledge and experience from the things we do.