August 14, 2022

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3 Tips to Be a More Attentive Couple, So You Don’t Get Complained by Silly!

Among the causes of love relationships can be tenuous, is a lack of attention. Lack of attention can make a partner feel unloved, which then makes their feelings of love decrease.

For this reason, when your partner has complained that you are too indifferent, it must be addressed immediately. Otherwise, the relationship could be damaged.

How do you stop being indifferent and become a more considerate partner? Here are some tips that you can try. Keep on reading, okay?

1. Watch what your partner does

The first thing you can do to pay attention to your partner, is to pay attention to how to give his love to you. Does he often buy you things, often touch, or often say affectionate words?

From there you can guess what kind of love language your partner wants. Is he more inclined to the language of love through touch, romantic words, or something else. That way, you can show the form of attention according to what he likes the most.

2. Ask your partner directly

Sometimes the definition of cool for each person can be different. Maybe all this time you feel you have paid attention, but in fact you are complained. Therefore, the most appropriate step is to ask your partner directly. Also explain that you have been paying attention all this time, but if it turns out not to be right or lacking, you want to learn.

From there, your partner can better understand that your nonchalant attitude was actually unintentional. You can also get to know each other better by explaining what things are expected of your partner.

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3. Learn to be more expressive

There are some people who are not very open in expressing their feelings. You need to be humble to learn to be more expressive.

For example, from the beginning you were not one of those who could say sweet words. From now on, try to practice sincerely complimenting your partner, or saying love words to him. It may be awkward at first, but if you keep practicing you will get used to it. Your partner will be happy too.

Every relationship has its own challenges. One of them is the indifferent attitude of one party. Hopefully these few tips can help you to maintain a relationship with more attention to your partner.