December 6, 2022

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3 Tips for Writing Stories up to Hundreds of Chapters, Expand Characters!

In the past, the famous writing platform was Wattpad. Many writers started their writing careers on that one platform. So, it is not surprising that there are many published novels based on Wattpad stories.

Apart from being easy and convenient to use, Wattpad also provides equal opportunities for ordinary people who are just learning to write and trying to publish their stories so that many people can read them.

Along with the development of technology, now there are many writing platforms besides Wattpad that also offer benefits, such as Fizzo, Dreame, Storial, Innovel, Cabaca, and so on.

The spread of writing platforms makes us as writers able to market our work more broadly and not be fixated on just one platform. In addition, writers can also get benefits in the form of money if the script is bound by a paid contract.

Both offer advantages for writers, each platform has its own criteria, especially in this case the length of the manuscript. There are platforms that allow writers to express their imagination not being tied to a minimum number of chapters, but there are also writing platforms that set a minimum length of the manuscript.

What if those of us who are used to writing dozens of chapters are asked by the platform to write hundreds of chapters to get a contract? Of course, this is not an easy thing.

However, there is no need to worry. We just need our own tricks to extend the flow of the script. Here are 3 tips for writing stories up to hundreds of chapters.

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1. Multiply characters

The more characters in our story, the more problems there will be between the characters. For example, characters A and B are twins. Both of them like character C. Unfortunately, character C likes character D who is the mortal enemy of characters A and B.

From the characterization chain above, we can find many problems. Starting from the problems that are generally felt by twins, about unrequited feelings, anger because crush likes our enemies, and many more problems that can be explored.

We only need to add spices to the internal conflict within each character so that it can help us extend the storyline. But, keep in mind, every character that exists should have a bond and support the development of the main character’s character.

2. Describe in detail an incident

“It’s raining this morning, but Tiara still has to go to school.”

“Tiara exhaled when she saw the water droplets starting to fall to the ground. In fact, it’s still quite early, but the rain seems to forbid every human being from doing their activities. Like Tiara who has to go to school to study. Don’t be fooled by the rain that will wet her body, Tiara still has to go to school.”

We can see the difference between the two texts above. Indeed, the purpose of both of them is to describe the rain in the morning and Tiara who still has to go to school.

However, for the second text, the description is more detailed. If we are required to write a long story that amounts to hundreds of chapters, then we have to outsmart the narrative of the story with an example of a second text.

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3. Don’t skip scenes often

We certainly have read a story that often skips scenes. To write a story with hundreds of chapters, skipping scenes is not recommended. Instead of transitions or time shifts, we can add explanatory narration. In addition to looking more organized, this can also make our manuscripts longer.

Those are tips that can be imitated so that you can write hundreds of chapters. Hopefully this article is useful.