October 1, 2022


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3 Tips for Writing Mainstream Stories to Be Anti Mainstream

The more writers there are today, the more moldy stories are circulating on writing platforms. Moreover, with the many existing writing platforms, it is easier for the millennial generation to be creative through their ideas and writings.

In this world, no idea is truly one. So, it is not surprising that of the many stories, there are those that contain elements of similarity, both from the themes raised, storylines, to the mandate.

Let’s take the example of the story themed actor. You could say, there are so many stories that carry this theme. This is what makes a story with a theme like this seem not unique anymore, or the term is already mainstream.

However, we can still write using a different theme mainstream that’s as long as we know how to work around it. Here are 3 tips for writing stories mainstream to be anti mainstream.

1. Look for other gaps that have never been lifted

If we want to write with the theme of the actor, we can try to find other gaps that have not been raised. For example, from the husband’s side, the reason why they are easily tempted by the actor or from the actor’s side, how is the psychological side, and so on.

In this way, our story will not have exactly the same idea as the previous story, even though the theme we adopt is the same.

2. Use settings different time

Besides exploring other loopholes that haven’t been written yet, try setting it up settings different times in our story. For example, we take settings 90s. Of course, our story will be different from the story that took settings present time. In terms of year alone is different.

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We can research what punishments a wife gives to an cheating husband. For example, castrated, immediately divorced, or something else. This way, our story will look more different and unique.

3. Give a unique title, but interesting

When we want to read a story, what is the first thing that catches our attention? Sure, the title, right? If the title is not interesting, believe me, we will definitely not be excited to read it.

Therefore, if we write a story that has already been mainstreamwe can give a unique and anti title touch mainstream. It doesn’t have to be too long, what’s there will be like a soap opera. Quite short, but interesting. Hopefully these tips are useful for all of us, yes.