September 27, 2022

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3 Tips for Choosing Work Clothes so that OOTD is Not Boring and Still Saves

For those of you who work in companies that apply uniform obligations to their employees, of course you have no problem with the routine of choosing work clothes every day. You just have to prepare the uniform according to the schedule determined by the company.

However, it is different with those of you who are not in uniform, usually only subject to rules to dress politely and appropriately according to the profession.

At first this freedom usually feels good because there is fun choosing clothes. However, this is not always going to be fun. Often after some time, boredom arises with the variety of clothes worn every day so that you want to add to your clothing collection continuously.

Of course this is not a wise thing to do because it will make your expenses swell. On the other hand, of course, you also want to have a variety of appearances so that you always have freshinteresting and not boring.

Here are 3 tips so that your OOTD work isn’t boring, but doesn’t make you extravagant.

work outfit illustration ( Miroshnichenko)

Outfits such as bottoms, suits, vests or other items that are easy to mix and match with other items should be neutral in color. That way you can combine it with many other outfits that produce a variety of diverse looks.

Your appearance seems to change with many suits, even though you only need to change and match the clothing items that you have.

2. Choose good quality clothes

work outfit illustration ( Cottonbro
work outfit illustration (

The type of clothing that you often wear, should be of good quality so that it is not easily damaged. This is also a form of investment because if items that are often used are durable, it will certainly help you save money.

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Good quality clothes are not determined by the high price or brand. You need to be observant in checking the type of material, the quality of the stitches and also the model of the clothes. Choose one that can be worn for a long time so that it lasts longer.

3. Creative in mix and match

work outfit illustration ( Godisable Jaco
work outfit illustration ( Jaco)

Creativity in doing mix and match greatly affects the diversity of the appearance of the clothes you wear. From a few pieces of clothing, can produce many different looks.

If you do it often, your creativity can be trained and more proficient. You can also look at trends for reference. Sometimes a new trend can come from an old fashion that you might have in your closet.

Those are 3 tips for choosing clothes so that your work OOTD is not boring without breaking your pocket. Don’t forget to always prioritize your comfort in dressing by sticking to the values ​​of appropriateness and courtesy that apply in your work environment.

It is also important to adjust clothes to your personality and always keep your work clothes clean and tidy.