December 1, 2022

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3 Tips for Choosing a Face Wash for Sensitive Skin that You Must Know

If you have sensitive skin this is not a disease but a sign or symptom of a certain skin condition. So what is sensitive skin? This is a skin condition which is easily irritated by the use of skin care products such as face wash, moisturizer and make-up.

The cause of this sensitive skin can occur when exposed to sunlight and excessive hot or cold temperatures. In addition, certain skin diseases, such as allergic contact dermatitis, eczema, or rosacea can also cause sensitive skin to occur.

Common symptoms of sensitive skin are itching and feeling tight, sore, reddened after using certain skin care products. Even though sensitive skin is easily irritated, those of you who have sensitive skin need to be careful in choosing and using it facial wash.

Compiled from, Here are three tips for choosing a face wash for sensitive skin that you need to know.

1. Choose moisturizing ingredients

For those of you who have sensitive skin, you can choose a face wash with moisturizing ingredients. such as, niacinamide, hyaluronic acidand ceramide.

These three ingredients are designed to naturally repair the skin layer, soothe irritated skin, and keep the skin moisturized or hydrated.

2. Choose a product with a light content

Content facial wash Also noteworthy for those of you who have sensitive skin and light on facial skin. For example, it does not contain oil (oil free) and also does not contain fragrances.

The presence of these ingredients will not make your facial pores clogged or not hard on the skin and it is not easy to make the skin sensitive to the touch.

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3. Pay attention to products labeled hypoallergenic

Do not choose face wash carelessly or this can make sensitive skin worse. Therefore, you can make sure the face wash product with the label hypoallergenic.

Hypoallergenic meaning that the content is not prone to causing allergies and has been dermatologically tested so it is suitable for use by even sensitive skin owners.

In addition, a facial wash for sensitive skin with a label hypoallergenic usually unscented and safe to use.

Those were the three tips for choosing a face wash for sensitive skin that you need to know. Good luck and hopefully useful.