September 27, 2022

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3 Things You Should Let Go Of Before Taking Bigger Risks

In life, we gain something and lose something. Sometimes both occur in turns, not infrequently also simultaneously. Of course, it is not easy to lose what we once got, nor is it easy to let go of what is already at hand.

However, there are some things that you get, but you have to let go of, for some reason. This is done to prevent you from taking on a bigger risk in the future. Some of these include:

1. A potential partner who has clearly behaved badly

If you find out that your potential partner has behaved badly, such as often behaves rudely or is caught having multiple partners, it would be better for you to reconsider your decision to move into marriage with him.

You may already be engaged to him, so it would be embarrassing for you to break off your engagement. However, you will actually run a greater risk if you continue. Because, you may continue to face his bad behavior for the rest of your life if you marry him.

Humans can indeed change, but nothing can be a guarantee of bad behavior can change after marriage. Never expect other people to change easily or think that you can make other people change.

2. Friends who plunge into bad deeds

If you have friends who make you misbehave, tend to be extravagant or even ask you to do the wrong thing, you should let them go immediately. Cut off your relationship with them slowly.

3. Work that harms your life and others

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If your job contains elements of ambiguity, especially detrimental to your life and those around you, immediately leave your job. Apart from having no blessings, bad work will gradually have big consequences in your life, especially if your job makes you involved in a crime, such as fraudulent practices. Of course, there’s still a lot of good work you can do.

Those are three things you must let go of before taking on a bigger risk. Even though it’s hard, letting go of all these things can help you to live a better life in the future.