September 27, 2022

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3 Things You Should Know After Being Ghosted!

Ghosting is one of the terms in which usually someone breaks up with someone who is no longer interested in him. In addition, it often involves blocking on social media or at least ignoring calls or text messages from the person you are calling-ghosting.

Cause of behavior ghosting

Effort ghosting This can occur for several reasons, including the following.

a. Social anxiety and introverted personality

Those who tend to be nervous or withdrawn during intense discussions or when expressing their inner feelings may avoid speaking directly to someone they have spoken to, and decide thatghosting is the right thing to deal with their feelings.

b. Insensitive to other people’s feelings

Indirect or virtual communication can be said to tend to involve less feelings towards others. Therefore, the emotional feelings felt by someone who only interacts via virtual sometimes does not reach the heart of the other person on the other side.

c. Meet people who toxic

After getting to know someone, then you know what their true nature is toxic, manipulative, like to behave rudely, etc., allows you to do ghosting. This is a common response as a form of self-protection so as not to get caught in a bad relationship in the future.

Tips move on afterghosting and in-ghosting

Meanwhile, here are tips for: move on from people who have ghosting or even you ghosting is as follows.

1. Back to the real world

Divert your energies away from dating apps for a while, and back into real-life relationships and activities. If ghosting upsets you, it can be helpful to remember how big the world outside really is—full of new possibilities and people you’ve never met.

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2. Accept the rejection process

Take the appropriate time to process the rejection, so you don’t drag your feelings of anger and resentment into your next relationship. This is one of those feelings that the person you’re going to date or be your next partner doesn’t have to deal with.

3. Sending the last message

Send a final message to the person who is hosting it as a closing (make sure you’re not passive-aggressive). Unless they’ve blocked you, simply let the person who ghosted you know that you’re no longer interested in pursuing your relationship. You may get distracted again and want to say something rude or ask them to respond, but neither of those things will make you feel any better going forward.

Then how to end a good relationship without doing ghosting?

  1. Write down the reasons why you want to leave or don’t want to communicate anymore, so that he doesn’t expect any more from you.
  2. Meet and say you don’t want to continue the relationship you built, in person.
  3. Tell him honestly how you feel.
  4. Ask for your own space until you are ready to talk.

Those are 3 things you should know to be fast move on afterghosting and in-ghosting! Good luck!