December 6, 2022

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3 Things You Should Consider Before Becoming a Writer

For ordinary people, being a writer may be seen as one of the lucrative professions. Have flexible time that is not bound by working hours.

Can work anywhere, even from a hangout or the beach. Do not have coworkers and bosses who are resentful and annoying. The world feels like it’s on our side.

However, did you know that being a writer is not as easy as it seems. Just like any other profession, being a writer also has some obstacles and difficulties. What are those?

Read through the description of 3 reasons that make you have to think again before deciding to become a writer.

1. Difficult to Sell Works

Did you know that in this digital era, there are many books that are not only sold in bookstores, but also digitally.

Both fiction books can now be easily found on various online writing platforms. You can find your favorite genres ranging from romance, horror, mystery, fantasy, etc. on the digital novels platform.

Likewise, short fiction works, such as short stories, serial stories, and non-fiction, such as articles and reviews, are also easy to find on various online writing platforms.

But unfortunately, the number of authors and the number of works are not matched by the number of readers and buyers of works. As a result, many writers are stressed and overthinking because their work does not sell well in the market.

In fact, a work that does not sell well in the market is not necessarily a work that is not of high quality. The author has also carried out a series of promotions to peddle the results of his thoughts. But unfortunately, luck and fortune is still not grasped.

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2. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the greatest enemy of writers. Not infrequently problems in the world of literacy arise because these ‘thiefs’ do not hesitate to take and copy other people’s works without permission.

In fact, to be able to create a work, the author must take pains to do research, collect writing material, write an outline and then content, and finally edit the article.

Not infrequently, plagiarists actually get a higher stage than the original author, aka their stolen works are more marketable. It’s sad, isn’t it?

3. Inappropriate payment

In addition to the difficulty of selling works, it is not uncommon for writers to get paid minimally from their work. Not only that, although many online writing platforms have sprung up, now there are many rules on these platforms that ‘choke’ writers from a financial perspective.

Those are 3 things that you must prepare before deciding to jump in as a writer. Mentally strong is needed for those who really want to wrestle in this field.