September 27, 2022

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3 Things You Can Do to Make Writing Ideas Smooth!

Being a writer who has a myriad of imaginations in his head is certainly very fun if it can be poured into written form that can be enjoyed by many people. However, no matter how skilled a writer is, he must have experienced the name writer’s blocka condition in which a person who is usually good at writing feels that the idea has stalled and loses the ability to write.

Well, to stop the name writer’s block In this case, there are 3 things you can do to make your writing ideas run smoothly. Yes, surfing the highway.

1. Listening to music

Most writers will choose this path to get ideas when the mind is stuck. Music is often a source of inspiration for writers to create stories. For example when listening to music mellow, a writer will get an idea to create a sad story scene. Sometimes writing while listening to music makes our writing more emotional so that readers are carried away by the atmosphere presented in the story.

2. Get out of the house

There are two types of writers in writing, namely there are those who prefer to write in a closed room and there are also those who prefer to write in an open space while observing their surroundings.

For writers who like to write in closed spaces, most rely more on their imagination, while for writers who like to write in open spaces rely more on their sense of sight.

For those of you writers who are stuck with ideas, try leaving the house. Observe what is around you. Such as going to the park to relax your mind or just enjoy the view. While there, an idea will definitely pop up in your head that will encourage you to write quickly. Like when you see a small family joking in the middle of a park, or a pair of high school teenagers chasing each other on the edge of a lake. Of course, seeing this happening will invite a writer to write a scene from the object he has just observed.

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3. Reading the Diary

Have a secret diary? For someone who has had the soul of a writer since childhood, he certainly will not miss a special event he has ever experienced to be written into a diary. Sometimes it’s easier for someone to share stories with books than humans to avoid leaking secrets that many people don’t want to know.

Nostalgic by rereading a diary is very helpful for a writer to get rid of writer’s block. For you writers, don’t forget that your own experience can also be an inspiration in making stories. For example, about the love of monkeys that you have experienced, or maybe the various problems that you have faced which are also contained in your diary, of course these old stories can be a reference to be used as a main or side conflict in a story that you are making.