August 14, 2022

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3 Things to Think Before You Act and Say

In this life, we know the law of cause and effect, including in the words and actions of humans. Good words and deeds will reap good results too, and vice versa.

Therefore, it is important for us to make sure that our words and actions will result in something good. Here are some things to think about before acting and speaking.

1. Will we harm others?

The first thing we have to think about before we say or act is whether our actions will harm others or not.

Of course, harming other people can mean directly or indirectly. Don’t get hung up on the assumption that when we don’t harm others directly, we have the right to do anything.

For example, when we want to listen to music at a loud volume. We may not harm others as directly as physically hurting like hitting or hurting with words like insulting.

However, think that we may harm others indirectly, such as disturbing neighbors’ rest, disturbing people who are sick, and so on.

2. Will we harm ourselves?

Not only does it not harm others, we must also make sure in advance that our words and actions do not harm ourselves, because it is still not a good thing to do.

For example, in terms of eating. When we eat something, make sure the food is good for the body and does not cause health problems. Because, we need to be fair to ourselves and give our bodies right.

3. Is it in accordance with good values ​​and norms?

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Another thing that is no less important to ensure is whether our words and actions are in accordance with good values ​​and norms or actually violate them. We must adapt our actions and words to our values ​​and norms.

Those are three things to think about before acting and speaking. We should always guard our words and actions wherever we are.