October 6, 2022


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3 Things to Pay Attention to Before Signing an Agreement

When there are parties who want to carry out a business activity, buying and selling, borrowing, or other things, usually there will be a written agreement or contract that must be signed.

This agreement usually has legal force and binds the parties with a number of provisions governing the activities in question. The agreement also serves as evidence when a violation occurs and is about to be brought to justice.

Of course, when we want to be involved in a covenant, we must pay attention to various things in it. Do not let the original signature and end up making us suffer losses. Here are some things to consider before signing an agreement or contract.

1. Confirm the identity of the parties

In an agreement, the identities of the parties to the agreement will be included. Make sure that the identities of the parties listed in it are correct, such as full names, identity card numbers, addresses, genders and so on.

This applies equally when we enter into an agreement that is a company. Make sure the company identity is complete and clear.

2. Read each chapter carefully

Before signing an agreement or contract, it is very important for us to read each article carefully. Make sure the contents of the agreement are in accordance with what was agreed upon by the parties and do not harm either party.

Accuracy is needed in reading every article in the agreement. Because, this can prevent something unwanted from happening.

3. Discussion with experts or people who understand more

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If there are things that we do not understand or make us doubt in the agreement, it would be better if we discuss it first with an expert or person who understands the field better. This can prevent us from committing fraud.

4. Prepare documentation tools

When entering into an agreement, it is better if we record or photograph the activity. Therefore, prepare a documentation tool. This can be useful if there are parties who deny or deny the existence of the agreement.

These are three things to consider before signing an agreement. Hopefully useful, yes!