September 27, 2022

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3 Things to Do If You Face Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the main enemy for every writer and content creator. Not infrequently, the plagiarists actually get more results than the original author.

When this happens, writers and content creators are bound to be furious. In fact, there are some who want to stop because they are afraid that it will happen again.

So, what should the writer do? Check out the description of 3 ways to deal with plagiarism below, yes!

1. Never Stop

You stop writing or not, plagiarism will still exist. Of course it will be a loss if you stop working just because you meet a plagiarist.

In both digital and print media, plagiarism is bound to exist. However, if you look at the seniors, do they stop to create quality works? Of course not, no.

Instead, writers and content creators continue to actively spread positive works for everyone to enjoy.

Every road to success, will surely meet obstacles, and plagiarism is only one of them. If you are serious about getting into this field, don’t give up easily on any obstacles that arise.

2. Your work is amazing

When your work is pirated, it indicates that your work has a good market and good quality. Because it is impossible for a ‘thief’ to steal something that is not good or not worth it.

While fighting for your work so that plagiarists feel deterred by getting social and legal sanctions, keep improving the quality of your writing to be even better.

Because when your skills are increasing, it is possible that your opportunities to get better sustenance and opportunities are getting wider.

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3. Asking Others for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask other people for help to find plagiarists in your work. You can write messages in your writing account bio and social media so that your readers can report if they find similar work elsewhere.

If not us, who else will eradicate these ‘thiefs’. Start from here itself to appreciate every work that we make.

Creating a work is not an easy thing, so protecting the work as well as protecting property from being taken by others must be done.

Those are 3 ways to deal with plagiarism that writers must do. Hopefully this obstacle does not dampen your enthusiasm to keep working.