August 8, 2022

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3 Things That Make Someone Often Disappointed With His Actions

We must appreciate ourselves when we have made a good effort and action. However, instead of appreciating themselves for what they have done, some people often feel disappointed with their own actions. Of course, there are various reasons behind this, some of which are as follows:

1. Demanding perfect results

Someone who tends to demand perfect results in every job will often result in him feeling disappointed with his own actions, especially if he has worked hard for it. In fact, there will never be a perfect human work, because perfection is not human nature. There must be a shortage or mistake that we do.

Therefore, we should simply try what we can do best, and pray with all our heart. Whatever results we get, we should still respect ourselves. Imperfect results do not mean that we fail or are incompetent at doing something.

2. Want to be appreciated

People who want to be rewarded when they perform an action, such as hoping to be praised by others, are also often unable to avoid feeling disappointed. Because, he depends his feelings on other people’s responses, even though other people may not do things as he expects. In fact, even if other people are satisfied with what he does, there will not necessarily be any praise or appreciation given. Therefore, it is better if we do an action without expecting to be appreciated by others.

3. Expecting a reply

Not only wanting to be appreciated, hoping for a reply from others or self-interest can also cause someone to feel disappointed with their actions. For example, when someone does a good deed, but it turns out that the person who receives the kindness does not reciprocate with the same thing. If he expects the same in return, of course he will feel disappointed or even give up doing good. Therefore, sincerity in an action is needed.

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Those are three things that make a person often disappointed with his actions. Disappointment is a normal thing to feel, but of course there are some things we can do to minimize the emergence of disappointment in us.