December 6, 2022

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3 Things A Person Must Have Before Working as a Writer

Writing is one of the most popular professions nowadays. By becoming a writer, you can work anywhere and anytime. This work is increasingly looking promising because of the development of literacy in the digital world.

Then, how to get into this one profession? Can someone without a literary education background become a writer? Check out the description of 3 things you must have before deciding to work as a writer, yes!

1. Understanding the Platform/Publisher Where to Write

For writers, platforms or publishers, it is like a company to work for. Before jumping into one of these companies, surely someone who wants to work must know where he works.

Platform or media is a place for writers to channel their work. There are tons of platforms that help writers to distribute their work digitally.

In fact, it is not impossible for beginners to directly gain rupiah and even dollars from this media.

While the publisher, which is the author’s means to publish his work in print. Each of these platforms and publishers must have different terms, conditions, salary systems, and holidays.

Make sure you really understand the flow of the submission of the work until it is published and gets royalties. Don’t let your misunderstanding hurt you.

2. Mentally Strong

Although you often hear the stories of other writers who made a lot of profit from their hobby which has now turned into this profession, don’t be easily tempted.

Just like any other profession; sustenance, luck, and the ability of each person is certainly different. There are some who can immediately succeed easily. However, there are also those who have to go up and down before finally being able to get all the success they want.

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To get all that, of course, it takes a strong mentality and a spirit not to give up easily.

3. Don’t Stick to One Genre/Type of Writing

The world of literacy has a fairly broad scope. Both in terms of type and genre of writing. So, when you experience failure or have not developed in a certain type or genre, maybe your sustenance is not there.

Try to explore other types and genres of writing. Don’t be lazy to keep learning new things. Don’t close the opportunities and sustenance that exist just because of your unwillingness to keep going.

Thus 3 things you must have before deciding to become a writer. I hope this helps.