September 28, 2022

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3 Steps If You Fail, Let’s Try!

When someone experiences failure, whether they fail to enter the best university, fail to get a job, or fail in a romantic relationship, they will certainly experience sadness. However, as a real human being, you have to get up and try again.

If this failure befalls you, then don’t close your eyes and run away from reality. Try to accept that fact even though it is bitter to feel and don’t close yourself off because of the downturn due to the failure you have experienced.

So that you don’t experience the same failure again, here are some things you can try to do to overcome this failure, so that it can be a victory. Come on, take a good look!

1. Do an evaluation on yourself

Evaluation Illustration (

You seriously want to overcome the failures experienced, of course you have to do an evaluation and identification before starting. First identify the mistakes that you made, the shortcomings that resulted in failure and ineffectiveness in carrying out the agenda.

If you have done this, then reflect on the factors that caused your failure or not being accepted at your favorite campus or workplace.

2. Make a mature move

Planning Illustration ( Stock Photos)
Planning Illustration ( Stock Photos)

Next, please make structured and effective steps in carrying out your agenda so that you don’t fail again. And cover and maximize the steps you will take.

While your other friend is relaxing with himself, you must be really mature in maximizing your efforts to achieve the target.

3. Execution with total

Action Illustration (
Action Illustration (

If you have done the first and second steps, then the last one please execute all of it with totality. Don’t have too many reasons to procrastinate.

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Challenge yourself in doing the agenda to the maximum extent that can be done. For example, if others study 4 hours then you can study 6 hours.

If you have done these three steps and are still experiencing failure, then you can prepare the second option. That means, there really is another way that is better for you to get because God’s will is more beautiful than the desires of his creatures.

Passion for achieving your goals, don’t give up. Remember the flower is not just a sprig and if the failure comes again. Be grateful and look for other options!