September 26, 2022

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3 Simple Exercises for those of you who are lazy to leave the house, Interested in trying it?

Everyone must have a time when they do not want to leave the house for reasons of mager (lazy movement). This is the cause of a person to stay away from sports activities that can increase their endurance. Whereas in a day, our bodies need exercise to launch the body’s metabolism. However, there are some exercises that are easy enough to do even if you are lazy to get out of the house. Here are 3 sports simple to do at home and suitable for those of you who are lazy to leave the house.

1. Jumping jack

Jump jack demonstration. ( Danilyuk)

Jumping jack is a sport that requires the muscles of the arms and legs to do it. You just need to move both arms from the bottom up and back as before. At the same time, you also jump to open your legs to the side to form a triangular hole. Every morning, doing this one exercise can strengthen your leg muscles and increase your height.

2. Stretching

stretching demonstration.  ( BOLOVTSOVA)
stretching demonstration. ( BOLOVTSOVA)

This sport is usually done to warm up and cool down during exercise. However, this can also be done regularly every morning in 10 to 20 repetitions depending on your ability. Stretching This is done by stretching all types of muscles in the body to flex the muscles that are tense after a long time of working. In addition, the flexibility gained from stretching can increase blood flow to each muscle that is stretched.

3. Burpees

Burpees demonstration.  (
Burpees demonstration. (

Burpees is a sport that combines push ups and jump. However, this is done simultaneously in a series of repetitive movements so that it is quite draining. However, this is commensurate with the benefits obtained. Burpees is a high-intensity exercise that involves the heart, lungs and the body’s cardiorespiratory processes. Because there are 2 movements, namely push ups and jumping, this can train the strength of the upper muscles such as the chest, triceps and shoulders making it suitable for burning excess fat.

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If you could do three sports simple at home, I’m sure it can reduce your feeling of boredom and in the end you will be compelled to leave the house. Because, these three sports can stimulate the brain unconsciously to do more activities. I myself have tried it and I feel the benefits for myself. Good luck!