October 6, 2022


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3 Signs of a Couple Not Ready to Become a Parent, Consider Carefully!

Everyone can get married, but not everyone can be a good parent to their children. That’s why it’s important to talk about it even before the wedding. Because not everyone can be ready to take on the heavy role of being a parent.

Reported bustle, There are some signs that a couple is not ready to be a parent. If this happens, it’s a good idea to consider carefully whether you will immediately join the program to have offspring, or postpone it first. To find out what happens next, keep reading the following discussion, yes.

1. Not flexible

When you become a parent there will be many things that must be outside the plan. For example, if you have planned a family trip, you have to cancel because your little one happens to be fussy.

For this reason, as a parent, you need to be flexible so you can be patient in dealing with unexpected events. If not, parents will easily get angry which then causes psychological problems for children.

Therefore, if your partner’s attitude is still often stiff and wants everything to go his way, it could be a sign that he is not ready to be a parent. Still have to practice a lot of patience.

2. It’s hard to set boundaries

Another characteristic if the couple is not ready to become parents, is that until now it is still difficult to set boundaries. This attitude often makes couples easy to use or manipulate.

As parents, we are required to set an example for our children. One of them is being firm with children so that children know which values ​​are right and wrong. This will be difficult to do if your own partner is still difficult to be assertive and often uncomfortable.

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3. Selfish

Is your partner still often selfish? Want to win alone, always only think about profit alone, and many other selfish attitudes. If so, it’s a sign that he’s not ready to be a parent, you know.

When you become a parent you will be required to often make sacrifices. Sacrifice money, time, energy, attention, and many other sacrifices. How can you do that for your children, if you’ve been thinking about yourself all this time?

Do not be discouraged if it turns out that these characteristics are in your partner. As long as the couple has a strong will to change themselves for the better, the time will surely come when they are ready and worthy to become parents for your children.