October 6, 2022


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3 Scenes of Korean Drama Link: Eat, Love, Kill that Make the Heart Pounding

Since the beginning of its broadcast, the Korean drama ‘Link: Eat, Love, Kill’ has won a promising rating. The drama, which featured Yeo Jin Goo and Moon Ga Young, received a national rating of 2.5 percent for its sixth episode which aired on Tuesday, June 21 yesterday.

‘Link: Eat, Love, Kill’ follows the story of a skilled chef named Eun Gye Hoon who is able to feel emotions and feelings as Noh Da Hyun feels, for the first time in 18 years.

Episodes 5-6 show Eun Gye Hoon and Noh Da Hyun’s closeness which is getting closer to each other. Here are three scenes that can make your heart flutter in episodes 5-6 of the Korean drama ‘Link: Eat, Love, Kill’.

Small Attention Has Big Impact

Korean drama trailer ‘Link: Eat, Love, Kill’ (tvn_drama)

In the previous episode Noh Da Hyun had promised not to like Eun Gye Hoon. He had been trying hard to keep his heart from getting trapped, but Eun Gye Hoon kept throwing it at him with little attentions that were actually very dangerous for Da Hyun’s heart.

Gye Hoon takes care of Da Hyun even though on the outside he looks curt and doesn’t care about his co-worker. It was precisely this small attention that was able to break down all of Da Hyun’s defenses so as not to fall in love with the chef. Can Da Hyun keep her feelings in check?

Eun Gye Hoon admits his ability

Korean drama trailer 'Link: Eat, Love, Kill' (tvn_drama)
Korean drama trailer ‘Link: Eat, Love, Kill’ (tvn_drama)

One of the most awaited scenes, when Eun Gye Hoon admits his ability to sense Noh Da Hyun’s feelings and emotions, was finally released. Episode six saw Eun Gye Hoon and Noh Da Hyun sitting opposite each other after a long day, when Gye Hoon’s mother went missing shortly after saying she met Eun Gye Young.

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It was also at that time that Noh Da Hyun saw another side of Gye Hoon for the first time, when he actually witnessed that his own family blamed him for the disappearance of Gye Hoon’s younger brother after 18 years.

In the evening, Gye Hoon and Da Hyun drank wine and ate tteokbokki while talking lightly. That’s when Gye Hoon confessed that he felt what Da Hyun felt. Even though it sounds unreasonable but Da Hyun believes it. Da Hyun teases Gye Hoon to guess his feelings right then and there, and they look at each other. Unexpectedly Da Hyun’s heart was beating fast, which of course Gye Hoon felt too, making both of them feel awkward.

Humanity or Sincerity?

Korean drama trailer 'Link: Eat, Love, Kill' (tvn_drama)
Korean drama trailer ‘Link: Eat, Love, Kill’ (tvn_drama)

The closer Da Hyun and Gye Hoon get, the more often Gye Hoon feels Da Hyun’s emotions and feelings. Although he admitted that he was very disturbed, but Gye Hoon always appeared wherever and whenever Da Hyun needed him.

Previously, Gye Hoon had repeatedly said that he wanted to put some distance between the two, he didn’t want to be friends or just be close to Da Hyun. But none of his words were realized. It was Gye Hoon who kept eroding the distance.

Gye Hoon repeatedly tried to ignore Da Hyun’s emotions, but it didn’t last long but he would run as fast as he could to meet Da Hyun.

The sixth episode closed with Da Hyun’s first meeting with Lee Jin Geun (Shin Jae Hwi), a stalker who had been suspected of being dead.

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Curious about the continuation of the story between Da Hyun and Gye Hoon? ‘Link: Eat, Love, Kill’? airs every Monday and Tuesday on tvN and the Disney+ Hotstar streaming platform.