December 2, 2022

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3 Saving Tips to Increase Your Savings Coffers, Easy!

Why is saving important? One of them, is as an emergency fund. If there are things that are not desirable happen, then there are funds available. That way, you don’t bother many people, and you can avoid having to go into debt.

Although many people already know the benefits of saving, in fact many still have difficulty implementing it. In addition to the problem of lack of income, an extravagant lifestyle is often the reason that savings funds don’t increase.

Well, so that your savings coffers don’t stuck, Here are some tips to increase your savings. Let’s see!

1. Increase income

The will to save is strong. However, the problem is that the need is greater than the salary. It’s impossible, right, for the sake of saving until you’re starving? If this is the case, then inevitably you must increase your income so that there is additional money that you can allocate to savings.

There are many, really, ways to increase income. For those of you who are good at cooking or making cakes, you can offer these services with the system Open PO (Purchase Order). That way, you don’t have to spend capital, plus it’s certain that someone will buy your product.

Another idea to increase income can also be through writing. For example, writing on the Yoursay page. Right, it’s good that the results can be saved.

2. Saving money with a certain nominal

You can also save by every time you meet a certain nominal money, it automatically becomes a savings allowance. For example, you decide a nominal value of IDR 20,000 to save. So, every time you run out of shopping and happen to have that amount of change, it means that it goes into a piggy bank. Later when you have a lot you can deposit it in the bank.

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3. Saving by date

The next saving tip that you can try is saving by date. For example, on the 1st means saving Rp. 1,000, then the 2nd means Rp. 2000, and so on.

You can also choose an odd or even date. For example, every time you meet an odd date, you must save Rp. 5,000. The nominal savings seem small, but if they are collected consistently, it will be a lot, you know!

Those are some saving tips that you can try. What do you think are the most important tips?