August 14, 2022

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3 Right Time to Give Up

Many of us struggle and then decide to give up. Actually giving up is also ethical. If we haven’t tried it with maximum effort and then give up, that’s not good. You can give up if you have experienced the 3 things below.

1. Tried it more than 3 times

If we try it more than 3 times, but the results are not there, now you can give up. Because maybe your expertise is not in that field. But do not assume that your struggle is in vain. There will come a time when your struggle will produce good things that you did not expect.

Well, if you’ve only tried it once or twice, it’s better to continue your struggle. It’s not time for you to give up. Take a break first, then continue again.

2. Tried it already in several ways

If you are struggling, it’s good if after the first failure you also change the way to get it. Different from the previous methods.

If you haven’t tried it in a different way, don’t give up yet. Start again but in another way. There are many ways to go to Rome, You must have heard that phrase.

So, there is not only one way that we can do to reach one goal. Well, try another way, but also a good way, yes.

3. Make sure that your goal is for the good

If we have a goal, we should think about many steps forward. Was that goal useful to you? If yes, then continue. The benefits that you can take from your goals should also be useful for yourself and others.

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Before giving up, remember again the reason you started the struggle. You may need to rest right now, not give up. So, don’t be in a hurry to end your long struggle.

Sometimes we do feel that there is no result for our struggles. But it means that because we haven’t reached the finish line yet. Out there maybe not only you who want your struggle to succeed, but also other people who need you. If you’ve tried it several times and in different ways, chances are you’ll succeed.