August 8, 2022

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3 Recommended Webtoons about the Modeling World!

Apart from being an entertainment medium, Webtoon is also a learning tool in this rapidly growing digital era. Not only the creators who can make a good impact, the readers will also feel the good feedback.

Various stories and various genres are present, including various professions that could be one of your dreams, including the profession as a model. Well, here are 3 modeling-themed webtoons that really must be included in your reading!

1. Unseen Beauty

Unseen Beauty (

This web comic entitled ‘Unseen Beauty’ is one of the local works of the nation’s children that really deserves to be appreciated. Telling about a contract fraud case experienced by a model named Ayudia, her twin named Nathalie finally plunged into the modeling world to take revenge.

But it turns out, the world of modeling is not as easy as he imagined. Even if it’s just wearing clothes and taking photos and walking the runway, many painful stories require sweat and blood. Not only discussing Nathalie’s journey to become a model, this webtoon also raises the issue of contract manipulation that often occurs in this world.

2. Make-up Man

Make Up Man (
Make Up Man (

Still in the modeling world, of course, when discussing model icons, there are many people who work behind the scenes. Starting from MUA, fashion stylists, hair styles, and also photographers. This webtoon entitled ‘Make Up Man’ discusses almost all elements related to the modeling world.

Starting from the theme of make-up and shooting techniques, this one story will make us understand better that to present a single model, the unity of each of the above elements has an important and inseparable role.

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3. The Girl 180

The Girl 180 (
The Girl 180 (

In ‘The Girl 180’ you will meet Seowoo Ban. The tall girl who is often mistaken for a boy because she is so tall. In the world of modeling, of course, one of the general criteria of a model is height. High posture will make the clothes look more beautiful when in the photo.

However, being tall outside the modeling world was also quite a hassle. Not only discussing how to become a model, in this webtoon there are many important elements that the author inserts about a career in this modeling world.

That’s a brief review of three webtoons about the world of models. Which do you think is the most interesting to read?