May 30, 2023

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3 Recommendations for the Latest Chinese Dramas Released in the Last Week

In the past week (12-18 September 2022), there have been various Chinese dramas released from different platforms. These dramas have different genres, themes, and are played by different actors and actresses.

The following will present 3 recommendations for Chinese dramas released in the past week that you can watch in your spare time.

A Romance of the Little Forest (Mydramalist)

Having previously had success with Love Between Fairy and DevilChinese actress Yu Shuxin or Esther Yu is now returning to the small screen through Chinese dramas A Romance of the Little Forest. The drama, which premiered on September 15, 2022, is scheduled to end with 35 episodes until mid-October.

In A Romance of the Little Forest, Yu Shuxin became Zhang Binbin’s co-star. He plays the role of a fashion blogger named Yu Meiren. Meanwhile, Zhang Binbin plays the character of Zhuang Yu who is a professor of botany.

It is said that Zhuang Yu devoted himself completely to the work. He is busy doing research on the cultivation of sweet wormwood. This action actually inadvertently hurt Yu Meiren’s heart, who had harbored feelings for her for a long time.

Several years later, Zhuang Yu and Yu Meiren met again. At that time, Yu Meiren who had graduated with honors and received a Ph.D. in ornithology prefer to be fashion blogger because they don’t want to be under pressure when doing scientific research.

From this reunion, Yu Meiren’s love for Zhuang Yu blossomed again. The two of them together made Zhuang Yu slowly fall in love with Yu Meiren.

2. Thousand Years For You

Thousand Years For You (Mydramalist)
Thousand Years For You (Mydramalist)

Next, there is Thousand Years For You which presents various genres in one drama, from romance, wuxia, xianxia, ​​to fantasy. In addition, the drama, starring Li Qin and Ren Jialun, also uses a different setting, namely the ancient world and the era of the Republic of China.

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Thousand Years For You tells about the love story between Lu Yan, the “Millennium General” (Ren Jialun), and the “Woman Defender of Truth”, Yu Dengdeng (Li Qin). Lu Yan is described as a man who has mysterious powers. Meanwhile, Yu Dengdeng was the head of Qingquan Village.

My Girlfriend Is an Alien 2 (Mydramalist)
My Girlfriend Is an Alien 2 (Mydramalist)

For those of you who have watched My Girlfriend Is an Aliendon’t miss watching the sequel, namely My Girlfriend Is an Alien 2. Bie Thassapak Hsu and Wan Peng, who were the main characters in the first season, returned to acting in this second season.

In My Girlfriend Is an Alien 2Chai Xiaoqi (Wan Peng) and Fang Leng (Bie Thassapak Hsu) will continue their adventure on earth after Xiaoqi returns as ambassadors for his home planet.

Xiaoqi and Fang Leng must struggle to overcome the obstacles that hinder their love due to the appearance of an alien who is ordered to destroy the two

Those were 3 recommendations for the latest Chinese dramas that aired the past week. Have you watched anything?