August 14, 2022

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3 Reasons Why It’s Better Not to Date Your Ex-Girlfriend

Indeed, there is no prohibition against dating our best friend’s ex-girlfriend. However, it would be better not to do that. Because, in addition to maintaining the feelings of friends, there are several other reasons that you should consider again.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s better not to date your best friend’s ex-boyfriend.

1. A sense of awkwardness arises

Maybe your best friend doesn’t mind if you date his ex-girlfriend. However, it is undeniable, the scope of your friendship will become a little distant. Not because you hold grudges against each other, but because you feel quite awkward, especially those of you who are in that relationship.

Especially if you are with your partner and you pass in the middle of the road with your best friend, maybe that condition makes you want to run as far as possible to get rid of that bad feeling. This reason sometimes makes people so reluctant to date their best friend’s ex-boyfriend.

2. Your best friend will think you have been after his old girlfriend

What is the reason your best friend broke up with his girlfriend? Is it because of circumstances or your best friend’s boyfriend suddenly changed? Then, when you broke up, not long after, you even got in touch with your best friend’s ex-boyfriend.

So, one thing is inevitable, your best friend will think you have been eyeing his girlfriend for a long time, so that when they break up, you are immediately close.

3. You already know the reason, then what’s the point of dating your best friend’s ex-girlfriend?

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As a friend, of course you know more or less the reason why your best friend broke up with his girlfriend. Either it’s your best friend’s fault, or maybe it’s her boyfriend’s fault. Perhaps they broke up because their boyfriend had an affair or was caught committing an immoral act. Then, after they broke up, do you still intend to have a relationship with your best friend’s ex-boyfriend?

Yes, indeed, humans can change. But, no one can guarantee that after being with you, his ex will turn into a better person. It could be, the experience experienced by your best friend repeats itself in you. You repeat the heartache that has been felt by your best friend. Do you want this to happen?

Thus 3 reasons you should consider not dating your best friend’s ex-boyfriend.