September 27, 2022

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3 Reasons Why Girls Have Difficulty Moving On From Exes

When a girl has given her love and trust to someone, the girl has put great faith in that person. However, when a girl experiences a broken heart, she will find it difficult to forget someone she loves even though she has tried various ways.

Let’s look at 3 reasons why it’s hard for girls to move on from their ex.

1. Giving Everything for Couples

In living a relationship, no one knows how long the relationship will last or even break up in the middle of the road. While living this moment, girls often forget that she has given everything to the guy starting from time, attention and continuous love.

Without realizing it, when the relationship has to end for some reason, it is the girl who will get the bad impact because the girl has difficulty moving on from her lover because she has given her full love.

2. Lots of Beautiful Memories

Girls who are in a relationship with their partner for a long time tend to find it difficult to forget their partner when the relationship ends. One of the reasons is because so many memories are embedded in his memory that it will not be easy to just forget.

Not to mention that the girl’s partner had previously given many special gifts to the girl, took her to a romantic place and carved out other memories. Of course it will be a tough thing for the girl to be able to move on from her ex in a relatively short time.

3. Feeling a heavy heartache

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The thing that is very difficult for girls is when they have to feel hurt while undergoing a love relationship. The pain will not be easily forgotten by the girl because the impact can make the girl feel depressed, stressed and feel anxious to traumatizing so that girls are more careful when approached by other people.

This is the reason why girls find it difficult to move on because she pays so much attention to every guy who comes to her, whether they have serious intentions or just want to play with her heart. In addition, girls will not easily trust other people because they have experienced heavy heartache.