August 8, 2022

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3 Problems Triggering Divorce, One of them Has No Children!

There are indeed sources of problems in the household. Not infrequently these problems can lead to divorce.

Then, what problems can trigger a divorce? The following will be discussed further. Read on, yes!

1. Don’t have kids yet

This issue can be very complicated if one of the parties really wants to have children, while God has not given them. Moreover, in terms of fertility there is no problem, but the age of marriage has stepped on for years, but there are no signs of having a baby.

Narrow thinking such as blaming a partner can cause one of the parties, both husband and wife to choose divorce. Assume that if you marry another partner, you can immediately have children. Though, not necessarily.

That’s why the issue of wanting to have children should be discussed before marriage. So that both you and your partner can have one voice.

2. Financial problems

The next problem that can lead to divorce is financial problems. This can take many forms.

A husband who is lazy and becomes permanently unemployed, even though his body is healthy and can work. The wife’s extravagant habit of making a mess of finances causes debt to pile up unfinished. One of the parties has a hobby of gambling, and other financial problems.

Indeed, money does not guarantee happiness. However, financial problems can make life continue to be wracked with worries which then causes the household to be often noisy.

3. The principle of life that is no longer in line

The principles of life that are now different can also encourage divorce. For example, a husband who used to be relaxed, is now so ambitious to achieve material abundance that he justifies all means. Because it was felt that it was not in accordance with the wife’s principle of choosing simple but from halal and honest results, it was seen that divorce was inevitable.

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Hopefully, knowing what problems often trigger couples to divorce, can make you much more prepared when you want to get married later. What steps can be taken so as not to experience the same problem. Thus, your household can be successful!