September 27, 2022

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3 Parental Demands on Daughters, Do You Feel It?

The name of a child certainly can not be far from the demands of parents. During school, we are required to be the class champion. When we go to college, we are required to be able to study at state universities.

And, when we graduate, we are required to be able to get a good job with a high salary. It feels like the demands are endless. Finished from one claim, we are given another demand, and so on.

Moving on from general matters, parents also often place demands on children according to gender. For example, boys must be strong, cannot be spoiled, cannot be whiny. Girls must be able to cook and look feminine. These demands then become a pressure for the child.

Really, a boy shouldn’t cry even if it drains his emotions? It’s true, girls can’t dress up boyish? As long as he’s comfortable, why not? However, every parent always has their own way of demanding and educating the character of the child, especially the daughter who will become the wife of a man.

Here are 3 demands that parents usually place on their daughters.

1. Must be able to cook

“Then if you are married and you can’t cook, what do you want your husband and children to eat? Eat rocks?”

The sentence above is an ultimatum that is most often given by parents, especially mothers, to their daughters. He said, they had already experienced the bitterness of the marriage journey so they didn’t want their children to feel the same way.

Actually, that’s fine. Parents only want their daughters to live in prosperity. However, for some reason, girls have always been required to be able to cook, even though being able to cook is not a woman’s nature.

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2. Look feminine

“Girls have to wear skirts. If you often wear pants, like a boy.”

“Girls have to be feminine, don’t sit astray like that.”

Feminine appearance seems to be a barrier to girls’ freedom. In fact, they should be able to appear in a way and style that is comfortable for them. However, this rule of appearing feminine seems to make them lose space to look comfortable.

3. Don’t be lazy to clean the house

He said the woman’s place was at home, especially in the kitchen. Women should not be lazy to clean the house so that later when they get married, they don’t have to hire a household assistant.

Then, what about the boys? Does that mean they can laze around at home? No, right? So, why only girls are required to be able to clean the house?

It seems that these demands will never disappear from civilization. As girls, we can only follow things that are good and useful for us, which can only suppress us, we can review again, yes, to follow.