December 6, 2022

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3 Keys to Forming New Habits, Don’t Just Rely on Motivation

The matter of building a habit or habit new is not an easy matter and can be successful in one try. Usually we will be excited at first, but as time goes on we become more and more disinterested.

The main challenge in building habit or the new habit is consistent. We do not know how to maintain consistency so that these habits can continue and become part of our lives. There are several techniques or keys that we can apply to form new habits.

The following are some techniques or keys that you can apply so that the new habit you are building can last a long time and become a part of your life.

1. Microhabit

To form a new habit, we do not immediately fixate on the results or big things, but start with something small first. Do it from the easiest, because the main key is that the habit must be formed first, then slowly developed.

For example, you intend to form a habit of reading every day. You don’t have to focus on reading at least 10 pages per day, but focus on your routine, even if you only read one paragraph, as long as you have a feeling of being stuck if you don’t open a book a day.

2. Habit loop

In order for a habit to become a daily routine, we need some kind of trigger to motivate us to do these habits. We need to design habit-forming cycles based on how our brains and minds work.

You can do this technique by placing things related to the new habit. For example, you can put the book you are reading in a place that is easily visible and accessible, so you can easily open and read it.

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3. Tracker

Habit tracker will make it easier for us to monitor and see how far the progress or progress of the new habits we build. Just like a chain, we can try to continue the habit and try to avoid as much as possible so as not to break it just like that.

We can do this by taking notes in a notebook, marking on a calendar, or whatever it is that can let us know that we have been doing this new habit for how long.

Those are three keys that you can apply to build new habits. If we only rely on enthusiasm and motivation without any technique and effort, there must be times when our motivation drops or we are not in a state mood the good one. Therefore, we need to know the technique of forming habits.