September 27, 2022

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3 Home Page Optimization Ideas to be More Useful, Can Be a Source of Income!

The yard which is the front of the house is often considered the face of the house. Therefore, many people design the home page into a garden as beautiful as possible. This is not something wrong.

However, apart from being the face of the house, the home page can also be used for other things, especially if the family’s financial problems still need to be improved.

Here are 3 ideas for using the home page that can have an impact on family finances

Illustration of harvesting a garden ( Krukov)

If you don’t have a backyard, you can use your yard for gardening. Even if your yard does not have adequate land, you can garden in pots or vertically.

It doesn’t need to be complicated, you can try planting the types of ingredients or cooking spices that you often use in the kitchen. Although it seems trivial, these plants can affect your spending savings.

For example, chili, when the price of chili goes up, if it is calculated in a month the expenditure for the purchase of chili will reach a hefty number.

Not to mention other spices such as shallots, celery, basil, tomatoes and others. You can also add easy-to-grow vegetable plants such as kale, spinach, eggplant and so on

kiosk illustration ( savio yu
Kiosk illustration ( yu)

This is not impossible, especially if the location of your house is in a strategic place, such as a major or main road that is often passed by many people.

Not a few people who need a small business place in the form of a group or kiosk that is located in a good place. You only need to provide suitable land in your yard to place a group or kiosk.

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You can also offer electricity for a fee of course for lighting purposes if the tenant operates until the evening.

3. Open a shop

shop illustration ( Suzy Hazelwood
Shop illustration ( Hazelwood)

If you have capital, you can open a shop in your yard by building a building. It doesn’t have to be a big building that requires big capital. You can start with a simple building and plan a gradual development if the potential has shown increasing results.

To fill the shop with merchandise, it will indeed require a large capital if you have to buy everything. Therefore, look for relationships that you can collaborate with to fill your shop.

Over time, if your store has developed, usually many manufacturers will come who offer cooperation through their distributors. You can also reduce costs for product purchases by doing consignment cooperation.

Those are 3 ideas for utilizing your home page as a source of income or saving efforts. All efforts do require intention and perseverance and patience to reap results.