December 1, 2022

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3 Hobbies That Can Enrich Vocabulary, Perfect for Writers!

Everyone has different hobbies. Each of these hobbies also certainly has various benefits for anyone who does it. However, did you know that there are several hobbies that can help you enrich your vocabulary, whether from Indonesian or a foreign language. These hobbies are very suitable for everyone, especially a writer. Then, what are the hobbies in question? Check out 3 of them below.

1. Reading Novels

Reading novels can really help you to enrich your vocabulary. This is because, novels have a large number of pages so it takes a lot of time to be able to spend the entire contents. Reading novels is also an easy thing because it is considered fun and not boring.

You can choose the genre that best suits you so that you can enjoy reading novels easily. When you have a habit of reading novels, subconsciously, you will be able to increase your vocabulary better.

2. Write a Review or Make a Review

Writing a review allows you to string words together to make sentences that can be easily read by others. Writing a review can be one way to get you used to processing many words and subconsciously enriching your vocabulary.

The purpose of writing a review is so that other people can get a glimpse of books, movies, plays and more before they actually see it for themselves.

For this reason, the equivalent words used to make reviews should not be arbitrary and must be arranged as neatly as possible so that review readers can understand the review well.

3. Watching Movies or Dramas

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Watching movies or dramas can also help increase vocabulary. The reason is, you can add new vocabulary from the conversations and narrations that exist in the film or drama.

The viewing duration for films and dramas is also quite long so that you will get a lot of new vocabulary. Besides that, watching movies and dramas is also quite fun so it won’t burden you.

Those are three hobbies that can enrich your vocabulary. How, from the hobbies above, which one do you do most often?