September 26, 2022

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3 Heartwarming Dog and Cat Friendship Stories

Dog and cat friendship is considered impossible. At least, that’s what many people think and where does this myth come from. However, quoted from the page My Animalsthere are 3 stories of dog and cat friendship that are very extraordinary and make us emotional.

These three stories seem to smack the opinion of some people who believe dogs and cats can never get along. In fact, from these 3 stories, we will be able to see how their inner bond is very strong even beyond the friendship of unfaithful humans.

1. Hundt and Zeus

Hundt is a German Shepherd dog, while Zeus is a cat with long fur and a feather duster tail. The two live in a house where there are 14 cats in it, while Hundt is the only dog ​​who guards the house and looks after them.

He sleeps outside and has no relationship with these cats. Even when they first met, they were about to attack Hundt. Either the size is bigger or because it’s annoying. However, one of them seemed to want to get to know Hundt closely. He didn’t want to go into the house and instead liked to spend the night with his friend.

One day, Hundt died. Zeus was devastated. He believed his friend was still alive, so he continued to wait in the usual place the two of them were together. In fact, he withdrew from his feline friends and preferred to wait outside for Hundt.

2. Chip and Adele

Both of them were abandoned by their owners on the streets when they were both young. Chip is a 5 week old Chihuahua, while Adele is a month old cat. The two met on the street and became friends. Fortunately, they were rescued and housed in Dallas, Texas.

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One day, someone wants to adopt Chip. The animal shelter house allowed it as long as it had to bring Adele. The person agreed and how shocked he was when he realized that while at home, Chip and Adele were inseparable and even slept together.

3. Tervel and Pudditat

This last story is really touching. Tervel is an old Labrador dog. He is 14 years old. He is blind, and partially deaf due to age. Due to this health problem, he spends his time in bed and becomes a lonely animal. However, his life changes when he meets Pudditat.

The cat who was brought in with his siblings did not get along with them. He chose to be friends with Tervel. Since then, Pudditat has not only become a friend but also Tarvel’s eyes and guide wherever he goes.

Now, after reading the 3 dog-cat friendship stories above, do you still believe that dogs and cats can never get along?